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You Don’t Have to be the Expert

Colored MarkersDo you have something that you like doing?  A hobby, maybe reading, self development, fitness, yoga, gardening, golf, it doesn’t really matter.  If you do and you are passionate about it, you want to talk about it all the time, and you really just want to do that thing that you like in your spare time then you are an expert.  If you don’t feel like an expert that is OK but get over it.  If you are writing on the internet you are an expert.  You are an expert of what you like, what you do, and how you do it.  There are two reasons that you already are an expert in what you like:

Expert to your Audience

You only have to know more than your audience.  We all know this.  Have you ever had to teach that class on short notice.  I have.  I had to teach a Geometry class one year with less than 1 day notice.  We had a scheduling change for some reason and all of a sudden 3 weeks into the school year I went from teaching Pre-Algebra to Geometry.  Was I an expert?  Of course.  It was not because of my degree or training in Geometry.  It was because I knew where the course was going next and how to get there.  I was always a couple of chapters ahead in the book and the students were none the wiser.

You simply have to do the same thing with your site.  Only you know where it is going.  Sure there may be people out there who are more expert on the subject than you, but is your audience?  You are a teacher.  You know how to deliver information that people can use.  You can even teach people who know more about your subject than you do.  How?  Maybe you know a unique technique.  Maybe you just put into words something that they never could before.  There are a lot of reasons.  However if you are the expert in your audience you are golden on the internet.

You have a Website

Yes having a website makes you an expert.  People are lazy.  I am sorry to say but those who teach high school see it everyday.  Not necessarily in your students, that is just a teenager being a teenager, but probably in your students parents, fellow teachers, that loser neighbor who won’t clean up the trash in his yard.

But not you.  You have taken action.  You have done something about it.  You are now an expert.  Has your students ever come up to you with some outlandish thing.

“Uh Coach Kipke, female horses are unicorns right?”

“Where did you hear that?”

“On the internet yesterday.”

“Then yes young one, female horses are unicorns.”

This was an actual conversation that I had with a student and yes I let him believe that for a few weeks before I told him he was wrong.  You have to make life fun.

It is amazing.  People may complain on your site, tell you that you know nothing, but they will keep coming to your site.  Why?  Because you have done something.  You are the expert because you have taken charge and created this site.  You now are an expert that people will love to love and love to hate.  Hate mail is good by the way, it means that you have put yourself out there and have made a statement.  Of course not all statements are completely true all the time, but statements are a great traffic generator.

Summing it up:  Do Something – Take Action – Become an Expert, and you only have to be one step ahead of your audience.  The internet is a great thing, we can be anyone we want, we get respect for putting yourself out there, and we can make money at the same time.

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