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What is so important with the Site Description? A lot!


Describe this photoFirst a little background to the Site Description.  CAUTION: Extra information – you really don’t need to understand this but it is good to know anyway.  When you are doing a search and looking for examples of good Site Description you will see a lot of stuff about Meta Tags.  These are part of the code of the site and you will probably not have to deal with them until you are more advanced in your website.  A Meta Tag helps search engines find your site, categorize it, and make it relevant to searches.  The search engines want to have relevant search results so that you will use them more.  What makes Google so good is that they are great at getting you the results you want with what you type into the search engine.  The Meta Tags which include the Site Description help Google categorize and determine what to show depending on the search.  OK if you are not totally thoroughly confused, or even if you are, let’s move on.

It is important to have a great Site Description to get your site ranked as high as possible by search engines.  It also shows up in the search results so that people can read a quick and short description of your site before clicking on your link.  All is so important I cannot emphasis it enough.

Writing a Good Site Description

You have only 155 characters before the search engines truncate it.  With that said you can write more than 155 characters but it will only show the first 155.  Make sure that your best descriptive words are before that 155 character mark.  (Did I mention 155 enough?)

Some marketers say use this to put keywords in.  I don’t like that at all.  To me the description should be just that, a description.  Take your time to write a couple of really great sentences that describe your site using keywords that you have determined are relevant to the content of your site.  Wow that was a big complicated sentence.  My skills are making difficult things easy.  Want a simple description of how to make a good Site Description?  Ask and you shall receive:

Descriptions should be no longer than one or two sentences that use keywords to describe what the site is about.  Site Descriptions should give readers a reason to go to your site.

148 Characters
7 times I used Site and Description (my target keywords).


How to do this

We will use All In One SEO plugin to write not only the Site Description but descriptions for all pages and blog posts that you write.  Without the plugin you will have to rewrite each description and include the proper HTML tags.  The All In One SEO pack gives us the option to do this as easy as writing a quick note to someone inviting them to see your latest post.  To get more information see our post on the All In One SEO plugin.

And that is it, quick and simple how to on Site Descriptions.  For a more detailed look you can follow up with these articles.

Meta Description (http://www.seomoz.org/learn-seo/meta-description) SEOMOZ on best practices for Site Description

Site title and description (http://support.google.com/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=35624) Google is great because they will tell you exactly how to rank high in their search.  If you rank high with them you will rank high with anyone.

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