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Having a difficult time writing?  Got good ideas but can’t get them on paper?  You know what you want to do but can’t seem to get yourself motivated to do it?  Can’t find the time?

Yep we have all been there, we have all had those times, not everyone is a master creator who never has a dull moment or the right amount of time to get things done.  So what do we do?  Change your surroundings.

For some of you it is enough to rearrange your office or work space.  For some of you changing your time frame works best.  If you usually write or work in the morning then do it in the afternoon or evening.

Starbucks Doubleshot Mocha Energy DrinkFor most of us what works best is to get out of the house.  Go somewhere different.  Go to the lake, to your favorite hillside, go to Starbucks and get a coffee or tea or one of those new energy drinks.  No I don’t get a kickback for advertising for Starbucks we are Alumni so I don’t mind at all.

The point is go somewhere else, change your surrounding, and your writers block will melt away.

Like I said we all have those times where we want to do something but just can’t get the fingers to work on the keyboard.  Sometimes you just need a break but most likely you need a change of scenery.  Isn’t that why we are starting a business that is portable, can be worked on anytime of the day, and is as flexible as work can possibly be?  We all have our reasons for starting a business on our own but working from home and creating a business online gives us so many options it is difficult to know what to do with all of them.

Even if you are still working pretend you are not and this is your full time job, your new lifestyle, and how you are going to live your life.  Enjoy being able to have this time where you can enjoy being where you want creating a life for yourself, and get the feeling of your new life.  Just think one day you will be able to travel and keep your site going, making money, and the only problem you will have is finding enough time to get things done on your site in between all the sightseeing.

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