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Sitemap Importance and the Google Sitemap Plugin

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Search Engine LogosWe have to set our site up twice for two different reasons.  Fortunately for you it is done automatically with WordPress and its plugins.  We set up the site for people who see things visually and we set the site up for the search engines (bots and spiders – see who are these bots on my site Future Post) which see things only in code and words.

One of the most important things you can do for your site is to set up your Sitemap.  A Sitemap is exactly what it sounds like – a map to your site.  By setting this up on your site it helps the bots and spiders travel around your site, get to know your site, and figure out if it is important or not.

Sounds time consuming and complicated.  It is if you do it on your own.  But guess what we have WordPress and plugins.  Go to your plugins page and search Google Sitemap you will get the result of Google sitemap plugin it will probably be the first one listed and have a 5 star rating.  Click on activate and it will be downloaded and installed on your site.

Now click on settings and click on all the checkboxes and sign in with your google account.  This creates the sitemap, pushes it to Google for quicker recognition, and does everything else that needs to be done.

Finished.  A quick tutorial on setting up your Sitemap.  Easy?  That is what we do here.  Now go out and enjoy your hobby, write about it, and earn money.

Additional resources:

About Sitemaps – (http://support.google.com/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=156184) Google is great again.  Want to dominate Google just read thier webmaster content.

The Biggest SEO Mestakes SEOmoz has Ever Made  – (http://www.seomoz.org/blog/whiteboard-friday-the-biggest-seo-mistakes-seomoz-has-ever-made)  Well I say if SEOmoz thinks that not recommending a Sitemap is one of its biggest mistakes then I don’t know what else could be a better recomendation.  He even has it in a Whiteboard video.

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