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Selling Rebranding eBooks

If you are a great writer and you have no problems writing about anything then you should consider starting a service that sells Personal Re-Branding products.

Let’s first begin with a short, but concise explanation of precisely what the Re-brand product is.

A re-brandable product is one in which you allow your recipients, or those that receive it from you, or another source such as someone else giving it away, to change specific aspects of the product. In general, these are usually designated areas within the product that can be changed to reflect that person’s name, web site name or URL link, affiliate links, or things of this nature. These “re-brandable” areas are always pre-formatted by the product’s author or creator.

A quick example of a “rebrandable” area would be something like this:


This Product Presented To You By:
[Your Name]
[Your Website URL Link]


Each person that has been granted the right to change this small area, or “re-brand” it with their own personal, or business, information, will often times pay a fee for this right. Guess who collects that fee? The author/creator does! And you never have to do anything past redistributing it to other people who do all the difficult “leg work” for you.

Think of it like this. . . .

You sell the “normal”, non-brandible version of your info product to your customer. That’s already positive cash into your account. Then, after this customer initially buys your product, they discover that for a one time fee, they can add their name and site URL within the product before they resell it, or give it away for free. That is the process of “re-branding”.

The pull of a product that is re-brandible is that your customer will have the ability to possess their own little traffic generation system within a product they did not have to create. And each time they sell, or give away, a copy of the product to their customers, their business information will be seen. All for a small, one time, $10.00 fee. Which of course, YOU collect. As mentioned earlier. But, this fee collection doesn’t just end there with your customers though.

Here’s a short break-down of what I mean. . .

Your customer gets a copy of your re-brandible product, whether free or paid for. They open it up, begin to read and discover that they can replace your name and URL link with their own generating more traffic for them. So, they pay you the $10.00 fee for the re-branding tool to change the specific area of information, affiliate links, etc., to earn them traffic and extra money. Now, after they have re-branded the product, they begin to follow the same process you did by either reselling the product, or giving it away for free to their customers.

Once their customers receive their copy, open it, and begin to read, they come across the same opportunity to re-brand their newly acquired version for a mere $10.00 fee. So, they decide that they also would like to have a new traffic generation, money earning product. And they pay the re-branding fee. Which of course, goes directly to YOU.

Logically, not everyone that receives a copy of your product will want to re-brand it. But, even if they don’t, and your information stays in place, you’ll still be earning all that traffic back to your site! Plus, if you have affiliate links within it, then that’s a greater chance you will have to earn commissions from those links as well.

Understand as well, that some authors will give away without charge the product, and the right to re-brand it. You may be wondering why they do this. Well the reason is quite simple really.

The author wants to make his product desirable to all his prospects, or those that he/she hopes to convert into customers somewhere down the line. So, they give away something with a perceived value, a la the re-brand rights, in addition to the product itself.

Now, there is a greater chance that more people will want this specific product because it is more valuable to them. Therefore, it stands to reason that more people will download it, and in turn, after re-branding it with their own traffic generating info(their own URL), will freely redistribute it to many more people than the original author could have accomplished on their own.

But, how will they earn any money from such a product? As briefly discussed earlier, from specific affiliate links the author has placed inside the free product. Many, many online internet marketers earn lots of extra money by doing this. And anyone else can do this as well. Including you.

Enter the “special report”. What this type of information product is is one that is usually in PDF format and discusses one specific topic or subject matter. In most cases, they are, for lack of a better word, reviews. Reviews about another product that the author is an affiliate to. It takes a bit of skill to create such reports in a manner in which it is not obvious to the reader that this is simply a review on another product.


Seek out other re-brandable products and see how they are doing it.  Then decide if it is right for you to try.


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