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Gamification in Education Infographic

I have been really fascinated about how to add gamification to learning.  I think competition is a great thing and we can capitalize on it more.  Furthurmore what is amazing to me is that it is more about just achieving something for achievement sake and not comparing students to each other, although this naturally happens.

All and all I think Gamification is a good thing in education.  For those of you who have created your niche site and are also teaching online it is very easy to ad gamification to your website via badges.  More on that in the next post.

Gamification Infographic

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media


6 Rule Breaking Tips for Your Next Information Product

Goal:  Learn 6 ways to stand out in the crowd with your next information product.


Art of Teaching

Begin with the End In Mind

How do you hook your customer/student so that they are ready to take action by the end of your product?  Begin with the end in mind.

Most of the eBooks and Information products I read start with the authors story.  This is good to gain credibility and empathy for the author.  However, what does this do for the reader?  It is a sales technique but is it really an effective one?

Would a better sales technique be to paint a picture of what the person who bought the product (your customer/student) will have at the end of the eBook or Information Product?  Painting a great picture that the customer/student can envision themselves in will cause them to fully participate in the entire book.

Then you can tell your story to gain empathy.

Tell a Story

How do we learn?  We learn by associating what we previously have known with new information.

How do you paint a picture?  Tell a story with your customer/student as the main character.  Then you can tell another story about you.  Maybe link the two stories together, now you are in this together, working as one toward a common goal.

Once you have painted the picture with your opening story you can continue to follow the story through the entire program teaching concepts in story form.  It is much easier for the human brain to retain information this way.


Include a Workbook (That is not Fill In The Blank!)

How do you get your customer/student to take action?  Include something for them to do immediately while going through your program.

A workbook is a great way to do this.  It is actionable, immediate, and can be very simple.  Sometimes very simple actions lead to more actions and eventually lead to the customer/student taking action on their own.

It is a matter of confidence.  Many of us don’t take action because we tell ourselves a story about how we don’t know what to do.  The real reason is that we are not confident in our abilities.

Taking small rewarding actions in a workbook will help your customer/student break out of their comfort box and show them that it is not so bad on the outside.

**DO NOT MAKE IT FILL IN THE BLANK**  This does nothing to help your customer/student learn about the process.  Instead include blank mind maps for brainstorming, guided writing, examples, partially done activities where they fill in the details, and more.


Ask Good Questions


“The trick is to find the medium questions that can be answered and that take you somewhere.” – Jerome Bruner

“To question means to lay open, to place in the open.  Only a person who has questions can have real understanding” – Hans-Georg Gadamer


Begin each section or lesson with a question.  But not just any question.  Create a question that automatically makes your reader or listener think.  And not just think, but think in a deep understanding of the topic, or in a way that sparks BIG IDEAS.

I have followed the first step in this post, but I have not asked the questions that spark BIG IDEAS.  I struggle with this one.  Master teachers can do this without thinking.  Some of us have to be very conscious of how we ask questions.  My strength is to get my students to ask their own deep understanding and big idea questions.  It is an art form, but if you get good at it your customers/students success is limitless.


Set Goals

What would you do if you had a set of goals that you knew were impossible to fail at?

You can set goals for the lesson or the program, and you can help your customers/students to set their own goals.  SMART goals are ideal (See SMART Goals Post Here) but they can also be simple.  Don’t make them too complicated.  When they are manageable and achievable action is not difficult to take.


Action Steps

How do we ensure that our customer/student takes action at the end of the book?

Some of you are getting this one right, but there is still a lot of work to do.  A checklist is great, it helps set goals and get our minds right on what to do.  But what about making it an action step guide.

Let me give you an example:  Here is a checklist in the form of a grocery list

Buy at Krogers:

  • Eggs
  • Beef
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Snap Peas
  • Salad Dressing
  • Juice
  • Beer
  • Pork Chops
  • Lunch Meat

Now here is the same list in a Action Step form

Go to Krogers to get these groceries for the next few days:

  • Buy Range Free Eggs in the Health Food Area
  • Find best price on 90/10 Ground Beef
  • Buy Everything for a Salad
    • Lettuce
    • Roma or Cherry Tomatoes based on price and condition of fruit
    • Shoe String Carrots
    • Two Heads of Broccoli
    • Bag of Snap Peas near the bagged salad area
      • Don’t get the bagged salad it does not last very long
    • Find your favorite salad dressing with no High Fructose Corn Syrup in it
  • Buy one Natures Made Apple Juice and one Orange Juice
  • Try a new beer this week and see how you like it
  • Get a family pack of Pork Chops, preferably 4 or more in a package
  • Get one pound of shaved roast beef and one pound of turkey from the deli counter

One is a checklist that anyone can follow.  One is an Action Step that not only anyone can follow but includes specific things to do so that people don’t get lost in the process.


Teachers always get more out of a lesson than the students do.  I know I got a lot out of writing this.  I hope you were able to take something away from it also.  Let me know your thoughts below in the comments section.


A Short Rant on Online Education

Learning Outside the ClassroomThe first thing I ask anyone when creating an online education program is “why do people seek online education?”

I know the answer, it is because they are looking for something different.  It does not matter if you are teaching Algebra or Knitting the reason they are looking online is to either find a quick answer to a pressing problem, they have gone the traditional route and it has not worked for them, or they don’t have the time to go to a class in person.

There are still plenty of free and pay classes out there through any community college in every town.  So why try to duplicate it online?

Online Education does not have to be so darn traditional.  Why do teachers have rows of desks with students facing the front listening to a lecture?  Because it is easy, it does not break the rules, and it works to a certain extent.

But the old system is not successful.  How do I know this?  Because students fail all the time.  If it were successful then everyone would pass.  The only students who pass are the ones who take learning into their own hands.

Online Marketers I have a question for you.  How many students sign up for your next program?  I know you create tons of great useable content that gets your viewers to come back to you over and over again.  So why do only a very few students of your programs actually take action and implement your programs?  This is not the 80/20 rule.  The 80/20 rule says that 20% of your customers are going to be successful no matter what you do.  They happen to like your or your program and the 20% leverage it to do something they were already going to do no matter what the product is.

Sorry to deflate your bubble but it is true.  Your marketing expertise comes from being genuine, honest, and likeable.  The effectiveness of your product makes no difference.  How do I know that?  Because 80% of your customers will not take action on your product.  If your product is good, you are likeable, and their pockets are deep they may buy your next product but it is not likely that they will take action just because they purchased another program.

I hear this at conference after conference and webinar after webinar.  The message is “my program works but only a few of you will take action.  Don’t be the one who does not take action.”  Great sales pitch to take action in spending money but it does nothing to get your students to complete the program.

Are you giving them information or are you giving them action steps?

The same is said for Online Education.  Is it the same information that they can get in any lecture hall or any text book?  Or, are you delivering a lesson in a way that is actionable?  Lessons need to include not only information but how to use it.  If you don’t tell them how to use it most of your students will not see the worth in it and forget it almost immediately.

End of rant, I could go on for ever.

Next post: I will give you 6 tips on how to break the “rules” and get more students to take action making your program more successful and your conversion rate higher.


The Secret to Successfull Teaching

Randy Pausch of the Last Lecture fame called it the Head Fake.  If you haven’t seen his amazing video watch it below on YouTube.  It is the secret to teaching and getting your students to get amazing results.

Students rarely ask for what they need.  They always ask for what they want.  What they want and what they need may not necessarily align.

Wow that was quite a statement, what the heck does that mean?

When someone raises their hand and asks for help, or when they decide that there is something that they need to learn, quite often they don’t know exactly what to ask for.  That is the paradox of the student.  They know there is something lacking but they don’t know what.  So instead of asking for what they really need, they ask for what they want.

Have you had this experience?  Have you been asked

“show me how to make a million dollars”, “Show me how to get a better evaluation.”  “Show me how to get my children to listen to me.”

So what they want is a Million Dollars, A Better Evaluation, Children that Listen to Me.

What they need is a Business, Focus on Becoming a More Effective Employee, Communication Skills.

It is the difference of taking responsibility for yourself and looking for an outside source to their success.  It is your job as a teacher to listen to what they want, and then translate it to what they need.

You will then teach them what they need while continually focusing on what they want as a goal.  They think that they will be learning about making a million dollars, getting a better evaluation, or having children that listen to them, what they will actually be learning is business skills, how to be more effective in their position, and communication skills.

So listen to what they want, and give them what they need.  Then watch Randy Pausch below to see a master teacher.



How To Create SMART Goals That You Can Use

Winners Never QuitI had to write this post because I constantly refer to SMART Goals and decided that I needed to spell it out for those who don’t know what they are.

Goals are tricky.  Most all of us set goals on a regular basis.  I also know that most of us do not achieve these goals either.  It is not because we are bad people, we always have good intentions when we set these goals.  The failure points in setting goals are one, or a combination of, the following reasons

Goal Failure Points

  • Too ambitions
  • Not enough time
  • Not flexible
  • Not measurable
  • Unreasonable
  • Do not know who is supposed to do the work to achieve the goal
  • Too much time
  • Lose interest in the goal

And the list goes on.

If you are having a hard time achieving goals don’t feel alone.  Many of us have the exact same problem as you.  But I am here to help.

Enter the SMART Goal.  SMART is an acronym and I will explain it below:


If you want to achieve something be specific about it.  Instead of setting a goal that is the end in mind set one specific target.  If your target is weight loss maybe your specific goal can be, Walk 5 days a week for 30 minutes.  Your specific target is beginning to exercise with a specific amount and specific time.  These are very targeted and easily measurable, which is the next letter.


Goals must be measurable.  My wife and I go back and forth on this one all the time with weight loss.  It is not good enough to say I want to lose weight, or look better.  That is not really measurable.  However if you are training properly then saying I want to lose 15 pounds may not be accurate either.  Muscle weighs more than fat so the best goal to set is: I will lose a total of 10 inches measured from four different locations.  Now we have a measurable goal that will tell us the result that we want, to look better. (Other acceptable goals for body reconstruction might be, I will lose 2 dress sizes (or pants sizes for the guys), I will track my eating habits for 15 straight days, I will drink 64 ounces of water a day…)


As mentioned earlier in order for goals to be achievable they must be specific.  But there is more to it than that.  We have to set reasonable expectations for ourselves.  I am 40 years old.  Setting a goal of being a Punter in the NFL is not an achievable goal.  I am too old, and I don’t kick the ball very far anymore.  I will make $1,000,000 this year is not reasonable for someone who only currently makes $50,000 a year.  I know I have been there and set those goals before.  They don’t work.  Make sure you can achieve your goal with a reasonable amount of effort.  Setting goals this way is also a momentum builder.  Once you have achieved a few goals you can up your effort again and begin to achieve bigger and bigger goals.


This is the part where you begin to ask yourself is this really what I want, or will I actually work hard for this goal.  I would love to be an NFL Punter, but am I really willing to work my butt off for it?  Probably not.  So it is not really a realistic goal for me.  I would like to drop a pant size, feel more athletic, and be able to run a 10K race at a moments notice.  That is realistic and reasonable for me at 40.  So now I can set my goals around that.


Your goals must have a time frame.  Putting a time limit on something makes you get your butt in gear.  Parkinsons Law says

“work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”.

If you allocate a lot of time to achieve a goal you will be able to do it.  If you feel yourself procrastinating then you have given yourself too much time.  Timing is tricky but with a little practice you can set your goals in a time frame that motivates you to get things done giving you just enough time to complete the task.

Hope that clears a few things up.  There are several different interpretations to this method.  Here are a few extra resources for you to make your own SMART Goal system.




Let me know what you think and how this has helped you in the comment section below.  I would love to hear from you.


My Favorite Education Hack Tools

Brain FillingI use a variety of tools to Hack my Education.  I think that it is amazing and fun to learn in 2014.  There are so many resources and information is so abundant that there is a nearly an endless amount of things that we can learn.  Don’t worry your brain won’t fill up.


Here are my top tools to learn new things.



I know it is kind of simple and kind of a little too mainstream to mention Google but seriously, who doesn’t go to Google first to look something up.  I have an Android phone and have no plans on getting an Apple phone.  I love Google.  I can ask my phone any question and generally get a good answer.

Google Hacks

Sometimes we try to search and don’t really get what we want.  Sorry folks it is not Google’s fault it is yours.  To get the results you are looking for here are two great links to help you get the most out of your Google searches.

Tips and Tricks directly from Google  

20 Tips to Use Google Search Efficiently from Lifehacker


iTunes U

I promise to get more creative after this one, but it still is a great place to start in learning.  There are so many college courses on iTunes U from all of the top colleges and Universities all over the world.  Some of the highlights are:

  • MIT OpenCourseware
  • University of Oxford
  • Stanford University
  • Yale
  • Library of Congress
  • Smithsonian Libraries
  • Harvard
  • National Aeronautics and Space Agency

And many more.



I said I would get more creative and then I go an mention iTunes as another resource.  However looking from the numbers people are downloading songs and entertainment then they are downloading Podcasts.  However Podcasts have so much free information available that it is absolutely ridiculous.  And of course you don’t have to have iTunes to download a Podcast but it makes it easier to find Podcasts and keep them organized.

Here is a list of my favorite Podcasts right now.  I say right now because it is almost always changing.  But these specifically teach me many things that I love to learn.

And there is more but I will leave it here as my top picks.



Another mainstream site but another one where I don’t think all people realize what a great tool it is to learn things.  I do know that there are many people who consider this their first go to site to learn something, I also know that the top videos are not videos that are learning in nature.  As a matter of fact on a quick scan of the top 100 videos of all time on Youtube none were educational.  So the search yourself.  Follow this link for Youtube’s self published list.



There is nothing like sitting down with a good book and reading.  Take it a step further and there is nothing like sitting on your favorite beach chair, deck chair, mountain top rock, meadow, pool side, or pick your location with a good book and being able to sit, read, and just take it all in.  That is my zen.

Here is my Amazon list.  It has many different subjects for you and I have read them all and continually go to them to reread, pick up tidbits, and reference.


Mentors and Coaches

I categorize people who I learn from as Mentors and Coaches rather than teachers because these people are usually teaching me by example, or we are simply having a conversation together.  My preferred way to learn is probably from Podcasts or Books because I have a permanent record.  However when it comes to implementing what I learn I like having a coach or a mentor to be there with me.

Coaches are great, they point out mistakes that you are likely to make before they occur hopefully preventing frustrations.  They are there as someone on the outside looking in to help guide you in the right direction.  Sometimes they are a bit hard on you but then again I need that to keep me motivated and paying attention.

Mentors on the other hand are more encouraging by nature.  This is great for your psyche, it keeps you motivated, and lets you know you are doing the right thing.  Mentors help refine your ideas and develop new ones along the way.

The big difference between a Coach and a Mentor is that a Mentor has usually done what you are doing before.  A Coach on the other hand may not necessarily have done what you are trying to accomplish.

Finding someone that is both a Mentor and a Coach is rare and difficult so don’t be afraid to have both.  Take the advice from both, and then make your own decision.



I even cringe when I mention this.  However there are a lot of great stations out there that make learning fun, entertaining, and useful.  I have not had cable for 4 years and just recently got it to watch Football.  I have had cable for just over a month and my free DVR is full.  There is no way I am going to watch all the programs but I have a lot of them saved.  Here are some of my favorites and the networks that they go with.

That should get you started.



I am in the process of developing my own documentary review site because I watch so many of them I may as well share them.  I will update and include the link here when I have it.  Until then here is a list of my favorites so far.


The point of all this is that there are so many different ways to get information these days there there is no reason why anyone could not learn something for free.


5 Top Trends in Education

Marble GlobeThere are many many different education trends happening right now.  Each one seems more significant than the other.  The world is changing and it is changing quickly.  I have identified the 5 top trends in education and have taken a little time to list them below.  There is a lot of opportunity for the person who knows where to look inside these trends.

What you will not get in this post is a bunch of teacher speak about differentiation, spiraling, and blended learning.

What you will get are trends that are happening that you can capitalize on.  You will be able to identify opportunities to teach people, to help people learn and grow, and you will find ways to be a part of the movement.


On Demand Learning

This is not a lesson that is available online so that people can complete it any time.  That is so Education 1.0.  We have moved to a time where people are learning things as they need them.  For example an entrepreneur who needs a website might just stay up late one night and learn how to install a WordPress site and find an adequate template to get things started.  An engineer might take a break with autocad and find a new stronger process for connecting I-beam supports.  A nurse may look up a new procedure to find better veins for less painful and quicker IV locations.

With all the information available we no longer have to sit in a lecture hall to get information.  We can simply identify a problem and have Google give us suggestions on how to solve it.

Those that can capitalize on this will find common questions that people are having and offer an understandable, simple way to solve it.



A phrase originally coined by 13 year old Logan LaPlante (see the post with his TED Talk here) is about going outside the box, which for most people is a square classroom with desks and an overhead projector, to accomplish the same learning goals.

Logan loves skiing.  If you don’t know how to ski your options are to watch YouTube videos and take lessons on the ski slopes, or you can just slap on a pair of skis and learn as you go.  Some of us just learn better as we go.

Hackschooling goes along with On Demand Learning but in a slightly different tact.  Hackshooling does use traditional methods of books, videos, and case studies.  But instead of that being the lesson a Hackschooler either starts with being immersed in the lesson, or finishes the lesson with real world practical applications to it.

Example:  Lets say you want to learn e-commerce.  You can watch endless YouTube videos about how to set up an ecommerce website.  You can do endless searches on dropshippers.  And you can buy an endless supply of kindle books about it.  Now you have the knowledge, then what?

A Hackschooler on the other hand would find someone in the area who is currently running an ecommerce business, offer to work for them for free, and in turn learn about their business.  Now that person becomes a mentor, a partner, and possible an investor in your business.  Education hacked, progress moving forward rapidly.



Both Podcasting and Videocasting have been around for a long time.  However both are really beginning to explode.  Why?  Because we no longer have to be tied to a computer to listen or to watch.  With the advent of mobile phones we can download a podcast at home over the WiFi and save on our data plan, then when we are driving, jogging, or simply doing housework we can be listening to our favorite podcast.  We can learn on the go.

I don’t remember the last time I listened to the radio.  I know it is extreme but every time I get in the car I have another podcast that has been downloaded and is waiting for me.  And I am waiting for it with excitement.  I never know what I am going to learn next.

For a PDF of Coach Kip’s favorite Podcasts click here (coming soon).



Whether you are an individual entrepreneur, a college student working on a thesis, or a baker looking for the latest trend in frosting a cake, you have something to offer to a partner who needs your help.  With social media, a webcam, or a smartphone face to face meetings are just a click away.

I went to school at tiny, isolated, Northern Michigan University.  It was a great school but it was limited in who you could partner with.  Now instead of trudging through three feet of snow to get to the Library I could stay cozy in my dorm room, flip open my laptop and connect through Facebook to a student who has an answer for me on a lab project.  We then could create a Google Hangout and the next thing we know we are collaborating on my latest experiment in Micro Electronics.  They have a endnote acknowledgement in my paper and I in thiers.  It is a beautiful thing.

One better an adult who has something to offer the world can easily set up a Webinar that will attract 100’s, convert 10’s and now you have your own little online collaboration group.  Check out Lewis Howes to see how he does it.



This is the acronym for Massive Open Online Courses.  This is probably the only real academic topic of this post.  All the previous ones are simply things that have become available through technology and a natural evolution on how people get their information.  MOOC’s are about to change education tremendously.

The best place to find free courses to take is on iTunesU Free Courses.  There you can find courses from Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Duke, UCLA, Yale, Carnegie Mellon, and a whole lot more.  Sometimes it is all you need.  Of course you don’t get the degree to hang on your wall, and if that is part of your requirements for a job promotion you will have to enroll, but if you simply want to learn finding a good MOOC,  iTunesU is an incredible way to go.


Those are the 5 Top Trends in Education as I see it today.  I only see one trend that has to do with existing educational institutions, the rest have to do with us taking your education and learning into our own hands.

Knowing this opens up a lot of possibilities for you to become a teacher, a coach, or a mentor.  What do you have to offer that you can put online for others to enjoy, learn, and grow?


Hacking Your Education

Homeschool Makes Me Happy

Thanks Dan Martell for sharing this video with me.

Home Schooling, or in this case Hack Schooling, is definitely trending in our world today.  I think that it will continue to do so as people continue to unplug from a traditional work environment and being to expand their abilities to be mobile, to learn from their surroundings, and to pursue interests instead of work.

Will you be leading this revolution or following it?


Get a Google Account

Google Products

GO TO GOOGLE AND SIGN UP FOR AN ACCOUNT.  Sorry to yell but I wanted to make sure that I was clear.  WHY?  OK I get it you yelled back.  Here is why

Google offers all the tools you need to become a successful Internet Entrepreneur for free.  YES FREE! (OK Coach the yelling is getting silly now.  That is what happens with too much coffee and something that I am passionate about).  Here is a short list of things you can do with a Google Account:

  • Verifying a website – May not be completely useful in getting your site to the top of Google but if they offer it I would do it, it certainly does not hurt.
  • Adsense – want ads that generate money?  Here is where you go to get free Google ads that do work.  How do you know this?  Google made $37,905,000,000 in total revenue from Adsense last year.  Most of that income is from Adsense ads and they generally split the revenues with you if you post them to your site.  All you need to do is reach out and grab just a little bit of that.
  • Analytics – Probably the most important tool you will use.  It is a great way to track traffic to and from your site.  Many many features with this tool.
  • Apps for Business – Your all in one stop for business and your website.  Get domains, custom email, all the tools you need to run a successful online business.

OK OK Enough of the Google loving.  Quick and simple right?  Here are the top reasons that I use Google and why you should too.


Get a gmail address that matches your site.  You can have your website email forwarded to this address.  The cool thing?  You can send emails from your gmail account that look like it comes from your website.  You can have all the tools that gmail offers, and the easy to use mail interface, and you look very professional sending an email from your own custom email address.

Google Docs (Now Drive)

Google Docs which has now become Google Drive is great because it is free cloud computing.  Yes that buzzword you keep hearing on TV.  Yes they don’t understand it either.  Cloud computing is simply storing your files online.  Now with Google Drive you can upload your files from your computer to have them stored online.  What is the advantage of this?  You can access it anywhere, anytime, with any computer.  Let’s say that you want to take a little time and go to a coffee shop and write about your hobby and work on some articles for your website.  It is all there for you.  Let’s say that you are at school and you don’t have your personal computer.  No problem just log on with your gmail account and whoala you have all your documents right there.  Now here is the kicker (coming attractions in the advanced teaching) let’s say that you use the proceeds you get from your site to take a vacation…to Taiwan…for summer break.  Can it be done?  Absolutely.  Don’t lug your computer there.  Taiwan has so many computer kiosks and places to use computers it is not funny.  How do I know?  First hand experience (more later).  Log into your gmail account and you have all you need right there.  Great isn’t it?  The cloud is a good thing.  Oh and those TV people who keep talking about the expense of it all.  IT IS FREE on Google.


Google Analytics is a great tool to analyze your site.  Why do this.  Your readers are telling you exactly what they like to see on your site, what they want more of, and tells you what to write about next.  Simply write more articles like the ones that are the most popular.  If you are really teaching people how to do something on your site and you hit upon a popular subject then you really are an expert.  Exploit this and do more of it.


Cash in on your site.  As mentioned above Adsense really does work.  I get regular checks from them all the time.  Be subtle though.  Don’t plaster your website with ads.  A few simply placed ads do the trick.  We will talk more about this in the advanced classes.

There are tons of tools that Google offers.  These are the ones I use most often but I do use many of the other ones also.  It is very important to tap into these, get to know these, and use them.  They are free so take advantage of it.


Sitemap Importance and the Google Sitemap Plugin

Search Engine Logos

Search Engine LogosWe have to set our site up twice for two different reasons.  Fortunately for you it is done automatically with WordPress and its plugins.  We set up the site for people who see things visually and we set the site up for the search engines (bots and spiders – see who are these bots on my site Future Post) which see things only in code and words.

One of the most important things you can do for your site is to set up your Sitemap.  A Sitemap is exactly what it sounds like – a map to your site.  By setting this up on your site it helps the bots and spiders travel around your site, get to know your site, and figure out if it is important or not.

Sounds time consuming and complicated.  It is if you do it on your own.  But guess what we have WordPress and plugins.  Go to your plugins page and search Google Sitemap you will get the result of Google sitemap plugin it will probably be the first one listed and have a 5 star rating.  Click on activate and it will be downloaded and installed on your site.

Now click on settings and click on all the checkboxes and sign in with your google account.  This creates the sitemap, pushes it to Google for quicker recognition, and does everything else that needs to be done.

Finished.  A quick tutorial on setting up your Sitemap.  Easy?  That is what we do here.  Now go out and enjoy your hobby, write about it, and earn money.

Additional resources:

About Sitemaps – (http://support.google.com/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=156184) Google is great again.  Want to dominate Google just read thier webmaster content.

The Biggest SEO Mestakes SEOmoz has Ever Made  – (http://www.seomoz.org/blog/whiteboard-friday-the-biggest-seo-mistakes-seomoz-has-ever-made)  Well I say if SEOmoz thinks that not recommending a Sitemap is one of its biggest mistakes then I don’t know what else could be a better recomendation.  He even has it in a Whiteboard video.