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Links the Most Important Marketing Tool: Links Part 1

Link ImageThe best way to get your website noticed by the search engines and then ranked higher is to have good quality incoming links to your site.  That is it.  If you concentrate marketing your site to just this topic you will do very well and your website will gain a lot of traffic.


It is quite simple.  The search engine spiders (some are called crawlers, some bots,  some spiders, I prefer spiders) literally travel the web and look at the links that are created.  The more sites that link to another site gain priority and are ranked higher.

How This Applies to Your Site

The more quality links that you have coming into your site the higher your site will be ranked in the search engines.  It is the quality links that is important.  Link you site to higher ranking sites and ask them to do the same.

How do you know what site ranks high?

Use the Chrome Browser and add on the Page Rank Status plugin  from Chrome Fan.  Once you find a non competing but relevant site you can check their page rank.  If their page rank is a 6 or higher ask to link to it.

Activities you can do.

Find sites and forums that are relevant to your site and participate on them.  Make sure that you have your website link in your signature file.  Not sure what that is?  Well that is why I am writing a book to give you the step by step details that you can use to build yourself a successful money generating website that is fun to have, fun to do, and that helps others in some way.

It is a short but sweet post that is basically a bullet point post with an unabashed promo for the upcoming book.  Also it is a great example of a post that has the potential to generate a lot of quick traffic due to its directness and headline format.  Not sure what that all means?  That is OK the book is coming (yes another promo).

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