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Keywords and Your Site

Lets get something out of the way.  Keywords are important…Keywords are not counted in Google search or Google Rankings.

KeywordsIf there is one Meta Tag not to use it would be Keywords.  Why?  Google does not use them anymore, Yahoo does not use them anymore, and  apparently Bing only uses them to detect spam.

So why do they exist?  They are a remnant from days gone by.  A long time ago in Internet terms, 4 years or so, many search engines decided not to use them in their search algorithm because too many people misused them.  They loaded their sites with hundreds of keywords many or which really didn’t apply to their site, and some were simply their competitors sites keywords.  Search engines make their money by delivering results that we can use.  The Keywords Meta Tag began to skew search engine results so they were dropped.

What does this mean to you?  Personally I will say this.  If you are not comfortable with it don’t use them.  If you are going to use them use a few words, very relevant to your article and your site, and don’t overuse them.  OVERUSE OF KEYWORDS CAN HURT YOUR SITE.

However there is one big thing to keep aware of.  Keywords do seem to matter when it comes to advertising.  If you are using Google Adsense to advertise on your site Keywords certainly plays a part in what ads show on your site.  If you use your keywords correctly advertisements that people will want to click on will appear on your site and relevant to your articles and more importantly to your customers.  If the ads are accurate and correctly marketed then people will click on them and you will make money.

In short be careful when using Keywords, they are very powerful but only in hurting your site.  However using them correctly will help ad placement and increase your pay per click income.

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