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Just Teach Something

You teach all day everyday.  I don’t just mean while you are in the classroom either.  You are a teacher, that is what you do.  Sometimes you teach people how to cook, how to be better at their hobby, what movie they should see, the fastest way to the grocery store, and on and on.  I hope you see that as a teacher you teach all the time in normal conversation.  It is so woven into your personality that you don’t even realize it.

Salesmen say the same thing in their training.  They say that they are always selling.  For example.  The most successful movies don’t spend any more in advertising than anyone else.  The most successful movies have the people who go to the movie do the selling for them.  Have you ever done this?

You should see this movie, it is so awesome.  The special effects are outstanding and then the movie keeps you gripped to your seat the whole time.  I don’t want to give it away you have to go see it!

You were selling the movie for them.  You do the same with teaching.

It is funny how some teachers are so comfortable in the classroom but have no idea how to help someone outside of it.  Others are so over the top that they never leave you alone and are always trying to tell you how to do something.  We want to be right in the middle.

So start teaching something already.  Something that you really enjoy.  Sure we almost all enjoy the subjects that we teach.  History, Math, English, Art, Computers…all are very interesting subjects and we enjoy them.  But do our students always share the same passion?  Not in my experience.  In Middle School I hope to have 5-10 students a year that have the same passion for Mathematics that I do.  However there are BILLIONS of people online everyday who are looking to share the same passions that you have.  Wow a whole world out there that loves Russian Poetry!

Better yet if you have a hobby that you love it is likely that millions of others also love that hobby.  As a matter of fact if you have a hobby that you don’t really know of anyone else around you that have that same passion you may be able to be the leading authority on the subject online almost instantly.

Just Teach Something!

People will love it.  Set up a blog, get to writing somehow to posts and begin to build a following.  Once you do that you will be surprised how fast the requests to send you money will come in.

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