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How to Use This Site

Who this site is for

This site is for people who are just starting out with a website, learning how to leverage the Internet and websites to create an online business, or who are simply hobbyists who want to create their own sites for fun and profit.  Although we will get into more advanced topics eventually, this site is for people just starting out and just learning.
This site is also created for teachers.  Teachers need help to continue to be teachers, it is not an easy life.  Teacher also hold a very good tool, the ability to teach.  We have entered the information age.  In the United States manufacturing jobs are being eliminated but small service oriented jobs are on the rise.  Those that can provide information to others will be successful in the new economy.  Teachers are in just the right spot.  We have the training, the ability, and the experience to deliver information in a way the is understandable and useable.  If we have unique information to deliver that is a super bonus for us.
But this site can be used by others who are not trained teachers.  For people who have an understanding on how to deliver information, or maybe want to learn how to hone their skills, this site will be very useful for them.

Order of Information Presented

This site will have information that helps people begin a website, market a site, and create content that people are interested in.  By all means there is no specific order of information offered on this site.  Why?  Because website creation, marketing, seo, article writing, and developing you all needs to be done at the same time.
The best way to get the information that is useful is to use the category tags on the right side menu.  If you need to know how to market your site click on the marketing category.  If you need help writing for the internet click on writing.
Once you have a site up and running as you develop the site it will be very useful to subscribe to either the RSS feed or subscribe by email.  This will keep you up to date with the latest in all things developing a website that creates income.  And that is the main goal.

The Ebook

The ebook will be arriving in February.  This will give you a step by step guide in setting up your site, writing content that teaches and sells, and marketing your site to get the word out.  Until then simple keep up to date with the blog and you will be a step ahead of everyone else.


Although personal one-to-one coaching will be available in the near future there is nothing formal set up right now.  If you are super excited, you have a burning desire to start a site, and you are eager and ready to get started you can become a case study.  As a matter of fact I am currently looking for case studies and am open to anyone who will be dedicated to following through with their site to completion.

That is it.  We are just starting out ourselves and encourage you to stick around, pick up a copy of the ebook, and begin learning and writing there are big things coming soon.

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