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GO TO GOOGLE AND SIGN UP FOR AN ACCOUNT.  Sorry to yell but I wanted to make sure that I was clear.  WHY?  OK I get it you yelled back.  Here is why

Google offers all the tools you need to become a successful Internet Entrepreneur for free.  YES FREE! (OK Coach the yelling is getting silly now.  That is what happens with too much coffee and something that I am passionate about).  Here is a short list of things you can do with a Google Account:

  • Verifying a website – May not be completely useful in getting your site to the top of Google but if they offer it I would do it, it certainly does not hurt.
  • Adsense – want ads that generate money?  Here is where you go to get free Google ads that do work.  How do you know this?  Google made $37,905,000,000 in total revenue from Adsense last year.  Most of that income is from Adsense ads and they generally split the revenues with you if you post them to your site.  All you need to do is reach out and grab just a little bit of that.
  • Analytics – Probably the most important tool you will use.  It is a great way to track traffic to and from your site.  Many many features with this tool.
  • Apps for Business – Your all in one stop for business and your website.  Get domains, custom email, all the tools you need to run a successful online business.

OK OK Enough of the Google loving.  Quick and simple right?  Here are the top reasons that I use Google and why you should too.


Get a gmail address that matches your site.  You can have your website email forwarded to this address.  The cool thing?  You can send emails from your gmail account that look like it comes from your website.  You can have all the tools that gmail offers, and the easy to use mail interface, and you look very professional sending an email from your own custom email address.

Google Docs (Now Drive)

Google Docs which has now become Google Drive is great because it is free cloud computing.  Yes that buzzword you keep hearing on TV.  Yes they don’t understand it either.  Cloud computing is simply storing your files online.  Now with Google Drive you can upload your files from your computer to have them stored online.  What is the advantage of this?  You can access it anywhere, anytime, with any computer.  Let’s say that you want to take a little time and go to a coffee shop and write about your hobby and work on some articles for your website.  It is all there for you.  Let’s say that you are at school and you don’t have your personal computer.  No problem just log on with your gmail account and whoala you have all your documents right there.  Now here is the kicker (coming attractions in the advanced teaching) let’s say that you use the proceeds you get from your site to take a vacation…to Taiwan…for summer break.  Can it be done?  Absolutely.  Don’t lug your computer there.  Taiwan has so many computer kiosks and places to use computers it is not funny.  How do I know?  First hand experience (more later).  Log into your gmail account and you have all you need right there.  Great isn’t it?  The cloud is a good thing.  Oh and those TV people who keep talking about the expense of it all.  IT IS FREE on Google.


Google Analytics is a great tool to analyze your site.  Why do this.  Your readers are telling you exactly what they like to see on your site, what they want more of, and tells you what to write about next.  Simply write more articles like the ones that are the most popular.  If you are really teaching people how to do something on your site and you hit upon a popular subject then you really are an expert.  Exploit this and do more of it.


Cash in on your site.  As mentioned above Adsense really does work.  I get regular checks from them all the time.  Be subtle though.  Don’t plaster your website with ads.  A few simply placed ads do the trick.  We will talk more about this in the advanced classes.

There are tons of tools that Google offers.  These are the ones I use most often but I do use many of the other ones also.  It is very important to tap into these, get to know these, and use them.  They are free so take advantage of it.

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