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Creating Links the Right Way: Links Part 2

Link ChainThere are right ways to create links and there are wrong ways to create links.  Lets do it the right way so that we can be as successful as possible.

Since we are using WordPress – the most popular and user friendly website tool available – it is easy to do.  In your admin panel on the left hand side click on Links → Add New.

Now the options come into play:

  • Create a Title.  Simply use the Title that the site you are linking to uses
  • Copy and paste the link.  Easy so far right?
  • Description.  This has to conform to the 145 character limit.  If you can figure out how to get the site description from the site itself then do it.  This is advanced website editing and we will not cover that.  But you can Google the website and copy and paste the description that Google uses.

Here is where the real marketing and site promotion begins.

  • Categorize your link.  If you only have Blogroll for categories then change it.  See our article on Link Categories for more information.
  • Target important so it is in bold – As a rule of thumb if you are linking to an outside site select the _blank — new window or tab. option.  If you are linking within your own site then you should select the _none — same window or tab.  The reason why is that most people want to close the window when they are finished with it and ready to return to your site.  If they by habit close the window and it is your site it is a big pain and people will be unhappy with the inconvenience.  If it is your site that you are linking to then they will just hit the back button to return to the previous page.
  • Link Relationship – Should be used if it is useful.  Check the friend box, or acquaintance box, or to add extreme credibility check the net box.  This is a confidence and authority builder.  But don’t lie.  If for some reason it gets back to the web site and you are not what you say you are then it could cause problems.
  • Advanced – Again this site is to build basic sites.  This is beyond what we are teaching.  For more information on this visit WordPress.org.

Go back up to the top and click Add Link and you are all done.

The other option is if you get a formal link from a site.  This happens on occasion and basically what they have done is created all that information for you.  All you need to do in this case is to copy and paste the link exactly as they have given it to you and click on Add Link.  Don’t worry about all the other options as it may just confuse the situation.

The best thing about being given formal links is that they know what they are doing.  If you don’t understand simply send them a quick email saying that you want to make sure that you get this link right and if they can help walk you through posting it to your site.  If they are web savvy they should be familiar with WordPress.

Creating links properly is great for marketing.  If your site begins to send a lot of traffic to a particular site it opens the door for you to receive a link from them.  Simply linking to your site is a good thing.  Getting linked in one of their articles is the ultimate in SEO.

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