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Content is King

Writing ContentSo you decided to start a blog to teach people something. You have read here that it is easy to make money if you can teach and deliver unique content. Now how do you get people to your site?

Content Content Content

Content is king! If you have good content that is updated on a regular basis you can and will make money on the internet. If by nothing else you can make money with Google Adsense. However it is the content that is key.

Look at the biggest sites and why they are successful. They have great content, they have new content, and the information on the site is continually changing. How do we know this? Ask Alexa.com. Look at the top 500 sites worldwide. There is 7 Google sites from different countries and Youtube (a Google owned site), 3 Yahoo sites, 2 Microsoft sites, then there is Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Wikipedia, Amazon, and more. They all have tons of content that is always changing, or they are places that people go to find information.

Now of course we are not shooting for taking on the top 500 sites, although it can happen, we are looking to leverage these sites to build traffic to ours. Where do these sites get their content? From you!

That is right you supply most of the content for most of these sites. How do you do that? You can provide great content on your blog then make sure that Google, Yahoo, and MSN notice it through marketing (see our marketing articles for more information on that). You can also get your site set up with a Facebook account, Twitter account, and a Linkedin account and post information and blog updates there. If you are very savvy you can produce simple YouTube how to video and now you have 17 of the top 25 sites covered.

Once again good quality content is the most important thing that you can do for your site. If your content is not current, relevant to what people are looking for, and useful then you will not get noticed. Get noticed by just a few people and your site will take off like a rocket.

I am a mathematician and a physicist. I know my writing is not very good. My research is outstanding and I am good at making complex things easy. You have found me and you have read my content. You can do better than I have. So why are you not online making easy money? Need more information I will provide it for you but you have to keep reading.

Check back next week for more great CONTENT!

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