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Blogging Might Be Dead but Teaching Isn’t

Just In Time LearningMany have said that Blogging is dead.  It might be.  But teaching is not.  People still rely on searching Google for well written articles on how to do something.  Just in time learning is the ‘in thing’, you are poised to dominate this if you take action.
Darren Rose at ProBlogger has a great article posted in December of 2014 about this topic.  It is well researched and states over and over again how blogging is down, how there are less blogs being started, and fewer and fewer traffic to these.
This is true because those who are blogging about their lives, or simply just for pure entertainment, are shifting to YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, Periscope, Snapchat, Instigram, or many many other sites.
However Blogging for educational purposes is not dead.  We are constantly looking up how to do things.  We are constantly looking for improved ways to do things we already know how to do.  We are shifting to being crafty.  These shifts put you in a great position.
If you love doing something.  If you have a hobby.  If you have a craft.  If you love teaching.  You can do this!  You have the ability and the education for this!

A Random Example:

What if you knit for peace of mind after school (or work).  What if you make baby hats, winter hats, dolls, socks, blankets, anything.  You have a market.


There are people who are just starting out and learning how to knit.  I have a blanket that my Grandmother made for me.  I use it both because it is warm, but also for sentimental reasons.  My mother was never a big knitter, however she is very handy with the sewing machine.  I might be interested in knitting.  But I don’t know where to start.  I can find 895,000 results on YouTube and 89,300,000 results on Google.
Some might think that this is a problem.  “Arent there already too many results and people doing this?”  NO!  The actual problem is that there are too many people doing this; giving suggestions on how to knit.  You are a teacher.  So teach people how to knit.  Teach people how to be a good knitter.  Start with the basics, put together an easy to follow course that shows results nearly instantly.  Start teaching.
You can dominate this.  Clearly there is a huge interest out there still.  Clearly there are many people who are looking for good results.  But there is a sense of overwhelm.  What do I choose?  Who is good?  Why would I chose one site over another?

Why would they choose you?

With all those results I am totally overwhelmed.  I don’t know who is good, who is not, who to trust, who is a good teacher, who is not.
However you can teach in a clear and easy to understand way.  You have the skills.  You have the experience.  You have the abilities.  As you build an audience of successful knitters they will market for you and tell other people.  “Those other 89 million results are no good.  You need to go here to learn how I do this.”
So do it.  Start something that matters this year.  Make this year the year to fall in love with teaching all over again.


Take a self inventory.  What is it that you like doing?  What are your hobbies?  What do you know a little bit more than someone else?  What gets you excited to do and teach?
Start there and the rest will be revealed to you.
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