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You Deserve It!  Yes you deserve to have money and freedom.  You deserve to get paid what you are worth.  You deserve to choose any lifestyle that you want, to work when you want, where you want, and how you want. You deserve everything you desire!

This is the information age.  Do you know who is going to make the most money right now?  The people with the best information.  What does Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and even Apple have?  Information, or information delivering devices.  They are making a killing, and there is a lot of room for them to grow.  Guess what!  You have the ability and the training to deliver information so that people understand it.  Do you see it yet?  You have a very powerful tool inside you.  Lets figure out how to use it.

It took me a little while to realize this.  I like being a teacher but how come I was regulated to living in a certain type of house, drive a certain type of car, only go on certain types of vacations?  It was because of my pay.  How can a middle income earner (a middle of the middlest 25% tax rate income) teach others how to be successful?  How can we as a teacher teach our students that there is prosperity, abundance, and ways to make a really good living when we drive away with an old used car?  Sure some of us have taught long enough to where we have a pretty good income.  But is good enough good enough?  Not to me.

I started “flipping” websites in the summer for a summer job.  It was great.  I made my own hours, I didn’t have to go to a job, and it was pretty good money.  I almost quit my teaching job and did that full time.  But it was not teaching.  It is fun to create websites, not fulfilling.

Then it dawned on me.  Actually it hit me like a teacher pleading with me to help them out because it was tough to make ends meet with 4 children.  I ended helping several teachers out and they were successful.  As a matter of fact they were really enjoying themselves.  They were not flipping websites, I had helped them create sites that they enjoyed working on.  They were having fun.  They were making money.  Most importantly teaching was not such a burden on them anymore.  Don’t tell administration but some of them were beginning to make more on their site than they did as a teacher.

Do you know what it is like to be able to work and not have to worry about a paycheck?  Do you know how powerful you become when you can say ‘you know what, I don’t really need this job.  I can walk away anytime.’  It is a really great feeling.  Stress melts away, productivity goes up.  You look better.  You feel better.  Life is good!

This site is here to help you feel great about your financial situation.  This site is here to teach you how to have a hobby that you enjoy, that makes money, and that you can do in your spare time, or even as a summer job.  So relax, have fun, learn a new skill, and enjoy your life.  You deserve it.

**This site is not just for teachers but for anyone who has the gift of being able to deliver information in a way that others can understand.  If you have this gift use it, you will soon rule the world. **

About Coach Kip

I was not happy with a pretty good income.  I like to travel.  I like to sail.  I like to play golf.  Once I had children I was not able to do that.  It was not because of the children, it was because of the added expense.  My wife and I were doing well as teachers but we were never getting ahead.  I played a little golf.  We traveled a little bit.  But once we decided to cut our credit cards out it became very difficult to do anything very special.

The breaking point came when my wife, also a teacher, stayed home for a semester with our daughter.  Then I was able to stay home for another semester after that.  It was great being home, watching our daughter grow and develop.  We made a life decision that we would make sure that our daughter had us to mentor her and help her feel safe for her first year.  It was so completely worth it.  Unfortunately we almost went broke.  We live in a modest Townhouse in an area that is known to be very inexpensive to live.  We drive two used cars that both have over 70,000 miles on them.  We drive to our vacation spots which is where family or friends are so that we can stay with them.  We live an OK life but we both want so much more.

Flipping websites was not something that was working because I realized that the more I wanted to make the more I had to work.  I would be working way more hours than as a teacher and it was just not going to pay off.  What I found was the sites that I liked the most, and I profited the most from, were easy to do.  It was not like work at all.  It was fun!  When I created Good Putting (http://www.goodputting.com I think it has been taken down now) I had to go play golf to do my research.  Wow, play golf and get paid!  Why didn’t I hang on to that one?  Because I was just learning and I made a mistake.  Learn from my mistakes.

That brings up a good point.  Don’t try to do it all on your own.  There are plenty of resources out there that are completely free and easy to use.  There are plenty of people out there who will teach you, paid and not paid.  Learn from others mistakes and you will have much more fun, you will make much more money, and you will finally get what you deserve.  The great thing about having your own website is that you will get paid relative to what you put into it.  In other words the more you work at it the more you will get paid.

So I have created this site to teach you what I have learned and how to profit from your hobbies.  Just be careful though once you start one and begin to have a little success, start to earn a little money, you may become addicted to the success you have.

Have fun, enjoy, and above all do something for yourself.