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5 Top Trends in Education

Marble GlobeThere are many many different education trends happening right now.  Each one seems more significant than the other.  The world is changing and it is changing quickly.  I have identified the 5 top trends in education and have taken a little time to list them below.  There is a lot of opportunity for the person who knows where to look inside these trends.

What you will not get in this post is a bunch of teacher speak about differentiation, spiraling, and blended learning.

What you will get are trends that are happening that you can capitalize on.  You will be able to identify opportunities to teach people, to help people learn and grow, and you will find ways to be a part of the movement.


On Demand Learning

This is not a lesson that is available online so that people can complete it any time.  That is so Education 1.0.  We have moved to a time where people are learning things as they need them.  For example an entrepreneur who needs a website might just stay up late one night and learn how to install a WordPress site and find an adequate template to get things started.  An engineer might take a break with autocad and find a new stronger process for connecting I-beam supports.  A nurse may look up a new procedure to find better veins for less painful and quicker IV locations.

With all the information available we no longer have to sit in a lecture hall to get information.  We can simply identify a problem and have Google give us suggestions on how to solve it.

Those that can capitalize on this will find common questions that people are having and offer an understandable, simple way to solve it.



A phrase originally coined by 13 year old Logan LaPlante (see the post with his TED Talk here) is about going outside the box, which for most people is a square classroom with desks and an overhead projector, to accomplish the same learning goals.

Logan loves skiing.  If you don’t know how to ski your options are to watch YouTube videos and take lessons on the ski slopes, or you can just slap on a pair of skis and learn as you go.  Some of us just learn better as we go.

Hackschooling goes along with On Demand Learning but in a slightly different tact.  Hackshooling does use traditional methods of books, videos, and case studies.  But instead of that being the lesson a Hackschooler either starts with being immersed in the lesson, or finishes the lesson with real world practical applications to it.

Example:  Lets say you want to learn e-commerce.  You can watch endless YouTube videos about how to set up an ecommerce website.  You can do endless searches on dropshippers.  And you can buy an endless supply of kindle books about it.  Now you have the knowledge, then what?

A Hackschooler on the other hand would find someone in the area who is currently running an ecommerce business, offer to work for them for free, and in turn learn about their business.  Now that person becomes a mentor, a partner, and possible an investor in your business.  Education hacked, progress moving forward rapidly.



Both Podcasting and Videocasting have been around for a long time.  However both are really beginning to explode.  Why?  Because we no longer have to be tied to a computer to listen or to watch.  With the advent of mobile phones we can download a podcast at home over the WiFi and save on our data plan, then when we are driving, jogging, or simply doing housework we can be listening to our favorite podcast.  We can learn on the go.

I don’t remember the last time I listened to the radio.  I know it is extreme but every time I get in the car I have another podcast that has been downloaded and is waiting for me.  And I am waiting for it with excitement.  I never know what I am going to learn next.

For a PDF of Coach Kip’s favorite Podcasts click here (coming soon).



Whether you are an individual entrepreneur, a college student working on a thesis, or a baker looking for the latest trend in frosting a cake, you have something to offer to a partner who needs your help.  With social media, a webcam, or a smartphone face to face meetings are just a click away.

I went to school at tiny, isolated, Northern Michigan University.  It was a great school but it was limited in who you could partner with.  Now instead of trudging through three feet of snow to get to the Library I could stay cozy in my dorm room, flip open my laptop and connect through Facebook to a student who has an answer for me on a lab project.  We then could create a Google Hangout and the next thing we know we are collaborating on my latest experiment in Micro Electronics.  They have a endnote acknowledgement in my paper and I in thiers.  It is a beautiful thing.

One better an adult who has something to offer the world can easily set up a Webinar that will attract 100’s, convert 10’s and now you have your own little online collaboration group.  Check out Lewis Howes to see how he does it.



This is the acronym for Massive Open Online Courses.  This is probably the only real academic topic of this post.  All the previous ones are simply things that have become available through technology and a natural evolution on how people get their information.  MOOC’s are about to change education tremendously.

The best place to find free courses to take is on iTunesU Free Courses.  There you can find courses from Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Duke, UCLA, Yale, Carnegie Mellon, and a whole lot more.  Sometimes it is all you need.  Of course you don’t get the degree to hang on your wall, and if that is part of your requirements for a job promotion you will have to enroll, but if you simply want to learn finding a good MOOC,  iTunesU is an incredible way to go.


Those are the 5 Top Trends in Education as I see it today.  I only see one trend that has to do with existing educational institutions, the rest have to do with us taking your education and learning into our own hands.

Knowing this opens up a lot of possibilities for you to become a teacher, a coach, or a mentor.  What do you have to offer that you can put online for others to enjoy, learn, and grow?

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